"Over the course of these three weeks, I've sent hundreds upon hundreds of fine men to their deaths.  And for what?  A garbage dump..."

                                                             - Mrcillian Commander Rice Hershel sitting on a dead Clognorp, after the Battle of Gazaa Gulch

Description Edit

The Battle of Gazaa Gulch took place during the height Clognorp Expansion Conflict, and stopped a Clognorp Conquest Party just short of New Eccleston, a massive human city.  Named after Mr. Gazaa of Gazaa Salvage Yard Inc., Gazaa Gulch was actually a large garbage landfill/salvage yard before it became the site of the battle.  The long, deep depression filled with large pieces of starship scrap and rotting trash became a choke point for the Clognorp Conquest Party en route to New Eccleston.  When the Clognorp Conquest Party began to arrive at the trash valley, Clognorp scouts farther ahead reported that a massive Mrcillian force was heading for their position.  Not wanting to risk being ambushed, the Clognorps decided to entrench themselves deeply into the far side of the trash valley, using available pieces of scrap to create fortifications.  Upon arriving at Gaza Gulch, the Mrcillian troopers realized that the Clognorps could not be allowed to pass this choke point, and began storming the Clognorp positions.  Quickly the fight turned into a grizzly form of trench warfare, as either side created defensible fortifications on opposite sides of the gulch, with a blood-soaked, rotting trash, no-mans land in between.  For three weeks, the fight swayed from one side of the gulch to the other, one side attacking, one defending, until the Clognorp Conquest Party, composed of thousands of Clognorp warriors, was at last eradicated.  This battle saved many innocent lives in New Eccleston and marked the beginning of the end of a Clognorp foothold on the planet Balzaar, but much fierce fighting was still in store on the planet before it could be finally declared Clognorp-Free.

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