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A Typical Blob

A Blob is a slime-based sentient species that can be found in many parts of the galaxy.  As their name implies, Blobs are almost completely composed of biologically active slime.  Blobs can vary in size, but most blobs weigh about 400 pounds and are about chest-height to a Human male.

Characteristics Edit

General Edit

Blobs can be found in many different parts of the galaxy, and are commonly seen interacting with other races.  However, Blobs are very rude, brutish creatures; creatures who have a knack for manipulation.  A Blob will not run from a fight, but most prefer coercive, less direct routes to solving problems than a direct confrontation.  

Biology Edit

Except for digestive, visual, and vital organ systems, blobs are made up of biologically rich goo that they produce.  This goo is excreted from pores on their lower intestines and slowly moves outwards, replacing older goo. Once this goo reaches the outside of the body, it becomes very moist, and detaches from the body, either in small bubbles, or on surfaces the Blob is touching.  While slithering, Blobs leave a thick trail of goo behind that eventually decomposes completely with air exposure.  Most Blobs have a gigantic appetite due to the larg ammount of protiens needed to keep them producing life-giving slime.  Blobs move around by slowly slithering from place to place, and can form a pair of arms and three-fingered hands out of solidified goo for manipulating objects at will. A Blob has two large, oval-shaped eyes which excel at detecting minute amounts of movement (scientists believe this is due to the fact that Blobs fed on small rodents early on in their biological development).  The large mouth of a Blob is filled with tiny, razor sharp teeth used for eating food. 

Role in the Galaxy Edit

Blobs can be seen serving many roles in the galaxy.  Managerial jobs are appealing to the Blob species, and lower class Blobs work well as garbage collectors.  However degrading this job may seem, Blobs actually prefer the smell of rotting trash, and enjoy eating leftover food.  Due to their interest in power and prestige, Blobs are often interested in jobs that give them control over other people and money.  Earlier on in the species history, pointless aggression towards weaker Human colonies (easily worded as bullying) led to a war with the Mrcillians.  The Blob War waged for years across several planets, and resulted in the eventual defeat of the powerful Blob warlords.  Blobs were spared by the remaining humans, but forced into slavery by the angry victors.  Doomed to a life of servitude, cleaning the streets of Human cities (constantly mopping up their own slime trail), the Blobs became less hostile as a whole.  As the years passed, Blobs were eventually released from their bondage and took their place once again in the galaxy, far less deadly, but still proud.   


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