Description[edit | edit source]

A Cognorp (artistic representation)

Cognorps are bulbous, multi-eyed sentients from the system of Clognorp.  Clognorps are easily distinguished by their muli-eyed faces and their seven tentacle-like appendages.  Clognorps are most commonly found in their own system of Clognorp, and the two systems, Venoch and Tridarea that their empire posesses, but can also be found in spaceports, outposts, and cities across the galaxy. 

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Overview[edit | edit source]

Standing at about five feet tall, Clognorps are medium-sized creatures with many eyes and seven tentacles; the three center appendages are used for locomotion, and the outer two appendages are used by the Clognorp for manipulation, but the two remaining appendages between the two sets may be used for either purpose.  Clognorps are well known throughout the galaxy for their aggresive imperialist tendencies, the Clognorp Empire controls a total of 14 planets spread across three systems, but they have little influence upon the governments of planets outside their sphere of control.

Vision[edit | edit source]

One feature that is readily apparent on a Clognorp is the multitude of eyes in the middle of their body-faces.  The large number of eyes gives the Clognorp a very wide range of vision, nearly 220 degrees, and also allows the Clognorp to pick up very subtle changes in its environment. The eyes of a clognorp are biologically much like human eyes, except Clognorps can also see a large degree of radio wavelengths as well.  In areas with a high number of radio waves moving through the air (like large cities), several eyes on a clognorp are always gyrating wildly, involentarily following the motion of these waves.  This is an interesting phenomenon that scientists are still struggling to understand, but it has led to mockery and scorn by some other species. 

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