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A Flobee is a sentient life-form that stands chest-height to an average Human and is mostly composed of dead skin follicles, or hair.  Flobees are moderately common beings, and can be found in several systems, and can be seen in any large, multi-cultural city.  A greasy, brown, and thick coat of hair covers most of their bodies, except for the face, which is a ghostly pale in pigment.  This hair not only covers their bodies, but also makes up a significant biological portion of their extremities. Many scientists have speculated that the thick coats of hair that cover and compose their bodies developed due to the frigid climate of their home planet, Manningo.

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Intelligence Edit

Even though the sentience of the Flobee species is scientific fact, their strikingly low intelligence is often made the butt of jokes.  Due to their primitive history, receiving little contact with outside influences, a high degree of intelligence was not required for their tribe-like culture, so no arts were developed, but a guttural language was spoken early in the species history.  All the same, Flobees are usually intelligent enough to hold basic jobs in society, requiring only menial labor and little critical thinking skill capacity.  Most Flobees can understand Basic, but a smaller number can communicate fluently in the language; most are reduced to staggering and babbling simple phrases of the language, enabling them to function in society.

Eyes Edit

Flobees have a unique eye quirk that has developed into a fascinating habit by the species.  Because their home planet is so humid, Flobees completely lack any form of tear ducts, and are reduced to constantly twitch their eyelids in order to keep their large eyes from drying out and cracking, resulting in blindness.

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