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The Gerand are a normally peaceful sentient species that can be found in several parts of the Galaxy. After unfair treatment by warring alien alliances, the Gerand are a mainly pro-Human alien species, preferring to socialize and work with Humans instead of most other alien races. The Gerand are well-known for their unique ability to regenerate limbs over time. The tallest Gerand was recorded as 14 feet tall. Their large claws can be used as weapons in a fight. Despite only possessing three claws per hand, the Gerand have a suprising degree of manual dexterity.


Gerand culture seems very dualistic to outsiders. Gerands emphasize peace, while simultaneously training their young to be warriors. In a typical Gerand village, violence is nonexistent, but when a danger arises, Gerands band together to utterly destroy the threat. Gerands as a species have always remained neutral in wars, but individual Gerands often hire themselves out as mercenaries. It is not uncommon to see a battallion of Gerand mercenaries battling another battallion of Gerands in the battlefield. There have also been many instances of Gerands taking the profession of bounty hunter.

Gerands live in tribes of approximately 20 to 100 individuals, and have strong familial ties to all members of their tribe. Tribes rarely fight other tribes, and often unite against common threats such as balodons. Families of Gerands usually consist of two adults and five children, although some families have had up to thirty children.

Gerands in the GalaxyEdit

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