Description[edit | edit source]


Home to many Humans and aliens alike, Juub is the largest planet in the Treia V system. Juub has a uniformly temperate climate, with normal weather patterns and a thick, breathe-able atmosphere that gives the planet a greenish glow.  Because of the size and rotation speed of Juub, days last approximately 50 standard hours, with light and darkness divided almost evenly throughout the 200-day year. 

Population[edit | edit source]

Officially, Juub is under the control of the Mrcillian Empire, but Tylorians have several large settlements on the planet as well.  The planet's population is approximately 64% Human, with aliens making up the remainder.  Juubasa is the capital, as well as largest city on Juub.  Apart from the capital metropolis, there are many other smaller Mrcillian and Tylor cities and settlements on the surface. 

History[edit | edit source]

Juub was involved heavily in the Clognorp Expansion Conflict.  The capital city, Juubasa, was the first site of the Clognorp invasion, and was at one point taken over by the invaders.  Many innocent Juubians perished during the savage conflict; the Clognorp invaders generally had no regard for innocent Human life, and saw every Human as a threat.  However, after many years of fighting, the Mrcillians and Tylorians managed to kick the Clognorps off of the planet, and out of the system. 

Military[edit | edit source]

Because of the past wars, hundereds of Mrcillian Bases, many still being manned with shifts, can be found on Juub to this day.  Many Tylorian bases still dot the landscape as well, but most of these have been abandoned.  Even though the guns have fallen silent, a strong defensive presence still remains on Juub.  Most large cities have orbital defense capability, and two active Mrcillian Cruisers, the Silent Dawn and the Louiston, orbit the planet.

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