A Mrcillian Mauller

"Don't worry.  You just give them a nice, healthy dose of that blast beam, and any survivors will know we mean business."

- Mrcillian Mauller operator to his gunner during an assault in the Raid on Clognorp VII


A Mauller is an Armored Assault Vehicle used by the Mrcillian Empire.  Standing at nearly twenty feet in height, the Mauller is composed of a durloid saucer that houses the crew bubble and weapons platform, and four durloid plated spider-like legs that are used for locomotion. The saucer is mounted atop the legs and can carry two crewmen, one that controls the locomotion, and one that mans the blast beam.  Maullers are most often deployed along side infantry for additional firepower and support capabilities.  Also, their heavily armored hulls and formidable blast beam turret make them ideal for storming enemy positions or fortifications, softening them up for the final occupation by ground troops. 

Function Edit

The Mauller was designed to eliminate soft and hard ground targets, and can also be used to combat low-flying aircraft.  The entire body (except the crew bubble) is plated in thick durloid armor, which protects the vehicle from a wide array of battlefield damages.  The blast beam that is mounted on the bottom of the vehicle fires a thick beam of anti-matter at its target and has a 360 degree field of fire.  The legs that are used to carry the vehicle across the battlefield can also be used to hurl heavy rocks and other projectiles at enemy positions, if need be.  Two storage chambers on either side of the saucer can house equipment pods or lethal CHUMbug pods. Also, up to six ground troops can hitch a ride on the outside of the saucer using quick-clamp mounting zones. The most vulnerable part of the Mauller is the crew bubble, which is not covered by solid durloid, but only a thin layer of transparent durloidium alloy. Still, the bubble can absorb a great deal of damage before finally cracking.

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