Mrcillian Combat Loadout

Battle Harness and Battle Pack

Description Edit

Apart from a blast rifle and durloid armor, the Mrcillian trooper also carries into battle a combat loadout.  The loadout is composed of two parts, the battle harness, and the battle pack. 

Battle Harness Edit

The battle harness is made up of a strong, carbonite-weave belt, suspenders and individual pouches.  On the front of the belt, the battle harness has four pouches that carry two energy cells each, providing a 200 round capacity for the MK I blast rifle.  Two blast grenades can be latched on to each shoulder strap, allowing the trooper to carry four blast grenades into the battle, but only two are normally carried.  A larger pouch in the back carries emergency supplies and first aid equipment, and two smaller pouches attached to it act as additional storage for extra energy cells, grenades, food etc. 

Battle Pack Edit

The battle pack is covered in a thin layer of durloidium alloy, and houses items vital to troop sustainment.  This pack contains shelter, food, water, additional ammunition, signal flares, an emergency comlink, additional clothing, etc.

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