"In the time it takes you to blink, hundreds of brave men die down there. Now, you give me one, just one good reason why 'this isn't morally justifiable, and these warheads won't deploy."

-Seconds before an ONB during The Struggle

Description  Edit

Orbital Nuclear Bombardment

Clognorp VII during an Orbital Nuclear Bombardment

Orbital Nuclear Bombardment, or ONB, is a tactic used by the Mrcillian Empire used to wipe out large swathes of enemy planets in times of war.  Rarely ever used on a mass scale, ONB has proven incredibly effective in turning the tide of fierce ground warfare, and putting an end to enemy resistance.

Usage Edit

As it has been stated, Orbital Nuclear Bombardment is rarely used in warfare, but has always yielded outstanding results when it has been employed.  From low planetary orbit, Mrcillian Cruisers deploy several nuclear warheads that soar down upon awaiting targets.  These warheads are powerful enough to turn miles of a planet into wasteland, but can completely turn the tide of desperate ground warfare. 

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