Raid on Clognorp VII

A Clognorp City Under Orbital Bombardment

Description Edit

The infamous Raid on Clognorp VII, where an army of two million humans from several elite, rouge military factions laid waste to the Clognorp's home planet, was enacted after it was discovered that the Clognorps were performing mass human sacrifices to their deity.  After the raid, the Clognorp Empire remained crippled for several years as recovery slowly took place.  As Humans look back on the operation, many see it as an outright act of genocide.  

History Edit

The Raid on Clognorp VII was the physical manifestation, in many aspects, of strife between the Principle Human Empires and the Clognorp Empire.  Because of the massive chain of wars between the Tylor Empire and the Reshers, the Clognorp's alliance with the Reshers sent a galaxy wide schism between Humanity and Clognorps.  This initially numb hostility remained primarily docile until it erupted into violence once the Mrcillians learned why large number of civilian space transports were disappearing on the edges of Clognorp Territory.  Extensive observation by Mrcillian espionage parties revealed that mass Human sacrifices were being conducted by the Clognorp people to please their deity.  Immediately, Tylorians and Mrcillians demanded a call to arms; elite rouge military organizations gathered from all corners of Human space and organized into a massive raiding party composed of nearly two-million troops,outfitted with the most powerful weaponry, hellbent on revenge.  Within weeks, the raiders arrived in orbit around Clognorp VII, the capital planet of the Clognorps.  Clognorp orbital defense systems were overwhelmed within hours, and Human drop ships soon blotted out the Clognorp sky.  Vastly outnumbered, Human squadrons methodically slaughtered Clognorps on the ground as Capital Ships far above laid waste to Clognorp cities from orbit, and thousands of bombers swept the countryside on night time death runs. Despite being horrendously outclassed by the best of Human warriors, the Clognorps still made a valiant effort to stop the Humans.  Nearly 400,000 Human soldiers perished in the raid, but Clognorp losses were far, far worse.  When no more resistance was detected and the elite army finally left the planet, they left an unfathomable trail of death and destruction in their wake.  Over the several months that the raid took place, every single Clognorp city was leveled, the atmosphere of the planet was permanently toxified, over 90% of the Clognorp population on the planet was exterminated (estimated 900,000,000 dead), the surface of the planet was glassed, and invaluable treasures from the Royal Mantle, the most sacred site to the Clognorp people, were pillaged before the site was leveled.  It took the Clognorp race centuries to rebuild the planet, doing so while devoting their entire system's economy to the assembly of an armada.  Once back to their former glory and power, the Clognorps desired the control of more space, and the Clognorp Expansion Conflict began.    

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