Clognorp Ray Gun

A Clognorp ray gun

Description Edit

A Ray Gun is a hand held weapon capable of firing high-energy gamma rays.  This short-range weapon was originally developed by the Clognorp species, and was used to great lengths in their conflicts with the Tylor and Mrcillian Empires, but can also be easily found in the hands of many others across the galaxy today.  Within thirty yards, this weapon is highly effective against all forms of organic and inorganic targets, but beyond fifty yards, the rays disperse and the weapon is useless.  The weapon is capable of being fired nearly sixty times before the main spooling coil is burned out and needs to be replaced, (accomplished by hinging open the action from the top and inserting a fresh coil).   

Operation Edit

Essentially, the ray gun is powered by reverse-polarization coils found around the barrel of the weapon.  When the trigger on a ray gun is depressed, a short jolt of electricity is sent through these coils, causing a massive amount of high frequency photons to accumulate on the edges of the coils.  Once enough energy has been generated, it is transferred through a bushing compressor and out a release nozzle on the end of the weapon.  A visibly bright, high-powered gamma ray is produced, one that reverberates out quickly like a sound wave until it completely disperses into the surrounding atmosphere at about fifty yards. 

Effectiveness Edit

The ray gun has developed a reputation in the galaxy for its ability to kill.  This reputation was well earned during the Raid on Clognorp VII, when it was used by desperate Clognorp troops to resist the human assaults for as long as possible. The ray gun is easily capable of ripping an unarmored humanoid apart within thirty yards, and will blow a normal robot apart at the same range as well.  The fighting style of the Clognorps revolved around this weapon, getting up close and personal in large numbers to blast away at any form of resistance.  The latest versions of Durloid armor can withstand several direct hits from a ray gun at ranges greater than twenty five yards, but still is easily blown to pieces at closer distances. 

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