The Wimpodites are a near-Human race that live almost anywhere Humans can be found, but especially in large cities with many commodities. Biologically, Wimpodites differ very little from Humans. Wimpodites are naturally fatter than normal Humans, and also have very fair skin tone. Wimpodites are just as tall as normal Humans, but weigh more due to their innate fat levels.



Wimpodites are a near-Human species. This means that their apperance and biological structure closely resembles that of a Human. Despite being near-Human, there are several key differences between Wimpodites and Humans. First off, all Wimpodites are genetically fatter than Humans, and are considered obese by Human standards. This has led to much mockery by some Human supremacy groups. Also, over time, the Wimpodites have become to some degree genetically dependent on Human conveniences, such as climate control, microwave food preparation, video game and television usage, and comfortable seats. A Wimpodite deprived of these needs will suffer from varrying degrees of medical depression and unpredictable mood swings.


Wimpodites, because of their physical aptitude towards comfortable enviroments, tend to shy away from all jobs involving manual labor. Wimpodites prefer to work in areas that involve computers and other indoor activities. Wimpodites are renowned across the galaxy for their computer skills; many of the galaxy's greatest computing achievements have been made possible by the work of a Wimpodite programer. Because of their love for food and comfort, Wimpodites are also excellent chefs and bartenders. Wimpodites enjoy working as secretaries, bartenders, chefs and telemarketers.

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