Zorbians are an alien species that can be found in many parts of the Mrcillian Empire. Originally from the Clonorp-controlled system Venoch, the Zorbian species as a whole has been subjected to cruel and inhumane treatment from the Clognorp Empire throughout history.


Zorbians stand about five feet tall and weigh an average of 100 pounds. Oddly, the females of the species are slightly taller than the males. Zorbians have two legs and two arms, but are more boney than a human. Zorbians also have what could be described as a "pot belly" or "beer gut", which is often seen because male Zorbians prefer to not wear shirts, or a vest at most. Zorbians have an elongated head that has only one eye at the top, and a small mouth at the bottom. Small nose slits in the middle of the dumb-bell shaped head allow Zorbians to breathe, and two ear-stalks allow Zorbians to hear. Zorbians have dry, dark gray skin that allowed them to blend in with their surroundings on the planets of their home system.


The Zorbian species has had a long and, at times, difficult history in the galaxy. Before human intervention, the Zorbian people on many planets were subjugated for an unknown ammount of time by the Clognorp Empire. Historians and cultural scientists thave attributed this fact to the Zorbian's easygoing nature. The Zorbians were used as drone workers by the Empire until the Raid on Clognorp VII, and the subsequent Clognorp Expansion Conflict, when most of the Zorbian race escaped bondage. Even after the humans had waged war with the Clognorps, disputes and atrocities would still occur on many planets by Clognorps against Zorbians. Due to the aid the humans provided to their people as a whole, Zorbians have come to be a very pro-human alien species. 

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